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Army Diversity Goals


Ensure Leader Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Practices at All Levels of the Army

Objective 1.1: Develop standards, procedures and processes for implementing diversity and inclusion practices.
Objective 1.2: Integrate diversity principles and inclusive leadership practices into leader development.
Objective 1.3: Develop and implement procedures that ensure continuous leader awareness of diversity efforts and progress on priority tasks.
Objective 1.4: Develop recognition and reward programs to incentivize effective diversity leadership.
Objective 1.5: Create processes to measure overall effectiveness of diversity efforts and progress towards the diversity vision.
Objective 1.6: Establish an executive-level diversity council to provide advice on implementation of the Army Diversity Roadmap and execution of related initiatives.


Institutionalize Talent Management Processes that Identify, Recruit, Develop and Retain a Cadre of High-Performing Soldiers and Civilians from Diverse Backgrounds

Objective 2.1: Design and implement business intelligence systems that make Army leaders aware of accession, development, assignment, selection and retention outcomes in a multi-year context.
Objective 2.2: Develop and implement mechanisms for efficiently integrating and synchronizing Army diversity outreach to achieve optimal senior leader participation and help attract highly qualified Soldiers and Civilians from diverse backgrounds.
Objective 2.3: Develop and implement integrated and holistic talent management processes for all military and civilian personnel.
Objective 2.4: Implement procedures for analyzing accession and career management processes and practices designed to recruit and retain highly qualified Soldiers and Army Civilians.
Objective 2.5: Enhance mentorship guidance and processes to ensure professional development opportunities extend across the Army's diverse population.
Objective 2.6: Develop and implement succession planning procedures that support development and retention of high-performing Soldiers and Army Civilians.


Establish and Resource a Structure to Support the Army Diversity Roadmap

Objective 3.1: Establish and resource the HQDA Diversity and Leadership Directorate.
Objective 3.2: Establish functions to resource diversity staff organizations at appropriate levels throughout the Army.
Objective 3.3: Establish or revise governing regulations for diversity staffs and functions.
Objective 3.4: Develop a concept for transforming Military Equal Opportunity (EO) in a diversity context.
Objective 3.5: Study the role of the Women in the Army (WITA) function within the scope of future Army diversity efforts.
Objective 3.6: Study the role of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) functions in a diversity context.


Implement Diversity Training & Education Programs that Develop Socio-Cultural Competencies to Meet the Demands of the 21st-Century Expeditionary Force

Objective 4.1: Develop a model for each level of diversity competency: pre-commission, entry, mid-career, senior, executive, diversity advisor, diversity program manager and diversity professional.
Objective 4.2: Complete a gap analysis and develop diversity training and education objectives for each level of diversity competency: pre-commission, entry, mid-career, senior executive, diversity advisor, diversity program manager and diversity professional.
Objective 4.3: Develop and implement a training and education strategy for start-up, integration and sustainment of formal programs; and integration of existing observances as well as cultural and heritage activities.
Objective 4.4: Develop training and education packages for implementation into institutional programs to meet pre-commission, entry, midcareer and senior-level requirements.
Objective 4.5: Develop and implement a functional, mission-appropriate seminar dedicated to diversity leadership for senior executives.
Objective 4.6: Develop and implement a comprehensive model for assessing the effectiveness of diversity training and education, making appropriate improvements on a recurring basis and ensuring currency and relevancy.


Create and Maintain an Inclusive Environment Where the Value of Diverse Knowledge, Experiences and Backgrounds Enhances Mission Readiness

Objective 5.1: Establish a methodology and benchmark existing climates in a diversity context.
Objective 5.2: Continuously review policies, procedures and programs to ensure alignment with desired mission readiness outcomes.
Objective 5.3: Build a framework to integrate diverse attributes, experiences and backgrounds into organizational mission accomplishment.
Objective 5.4: Establish procedures to proactively address multicultural challenges impacting mission readiness.
Objective 5.5: Establish mechanisms that enable top-down and bottom-up emphasis on inclusive practices.
Objective 5.6: Develop effective tools for assessing an inclusive environment through multiple feedback methods.

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