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Diversity - All attributes, experiences, cultures, characteristics, and backgrounds of the Total Force which are reflective of the Nation we serve and enable the Army to deploy, fight, and win.

Equity - The fair treatment, access, opportunity, choice, and advancement for all Soldiers and Civilians while striving to identify and encourage drivers and identify and eliminate barriers that have prevented the full participation of the Total Force.

Inclusion - The process of valuing and integrating each individual's perspectives, ideas and contributions into the way an organization functions and makes decisions; enabling workforce members to contribute to their full potential in focused pursuit of organizational objectives.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mission

Build and sustain Army readiness by developing and implementing a strategic plan to advance DEI across the Total Force and establish the Army as a global leader in DEI.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Vision

The Army is a global leader in embracing all people of our Nation and the unique contributions of those individuals in an inclusive environment while creating a war winning capability.

Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

DEI are integral to building trust and achieving overall readiness and mission accomplishment of the Total Force. DEI enables organizational agility and adaptability by leveraging the attributes, experiences, cultures, characteristics, and backgrounds of the Total Force. DEI also ensures commanders and leaders are inclusive in their decisions, actions, and missions which enable access, opportunity, and choice for the Total Force.

The Army must continue to acquire and retain exceptional talent to support its national security role and enhance the Total Force. As an inclusive organization focused on elite performance, the Army will improve its position as an employer of choice, for potential Soldiers and Civilians, and have a broader reach into untapped communities and agencies where recruiting has been less than optimal. By implementing and adhering to this Annex, the Army succeeds and remains competitive in the current war for talent occurring among the corporate, government, and academic sectors.

The Army must not only draw from America’s diversity, but must also understand how to communicate why DEI is critical to success and how to appreciate, leverage, and integrate principles of DEI into all aspects of its operations. The Army must embrace a more diverse U.S. population in the future and establish plans to acquire, develop, employ, and retain all populations and communities. At the same time, it is essential to communicate to the Total Force and stakeholders that this Annex emphasizes that all personnel are essential to the Army mission and that their attributes, experiences, cultures, characteristics, backgrounds, and talents are force multipliers. A key outcome of this approach is to provide access and opportunities for Soldiers and Civilians to achieve their aspirations and defined ideals of success. This Annex is the Army senior leader’s guidance and guides the Army to foster an environment of inclusiveness, collaboration, and creativity.

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