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The Army has a strong incentive for diversity education and training — most of our employees are likely to face cultural challenges through conflict or a multitude of other missions abroad. However, cultural understanding begins at home. The Army’s future demographics will bring new languages and cultures to our own ranks. Understanding our cultural, personal and other differences through training, education and similar experiences will create in us a proclivity for understanding others when it counts the most — whether for a deployment mission, for working as a team member, or to connect with a future Soldier or Army Civilian.

The Total Army diversity training and education goal is central to all Army diversity efforts. Diversity training focuses on proactively creating an inclusive environment that contributes to attracting, developing, leading and retaining all personnel while enhancing readiness. Our training and education must involve all Soldiers and Civilians at all levels. Our diversity training models support each competency level: pre‑commission, entry, mid‑career, senior, executive and diversity professional.

We want you to be able to apply the strength of diverse attributes, experiences and backgrounds to the mission — whenever and wherever. Know yourself; know your peers and subordinates; know the people in your operational environment. Army Strong®!

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